Welcome to JIN Trading Systems

JIN Trading Systems was born from a desire to make a living trading. We both spent our careers developing business software and were surprised by the lack of complete, step-by-step trading systems.  RSI, Stochastics, MACD, ADX, we used most of the indicators, but they all seemed to give incomplete and/or conflicting information.

We have all heard that 95% of traders are doomed to fail.  Every day you battle Wall Street’s best and brightest, who have unlimited capital and ruthless computer algorithms. That’s hardly a fair fight. Our JIN trading system is designed to help traders trade compete with the best. JIN Trading System will put the odds in your favor before you take the trade. Trade with confidence!

Research and Testing

We have spent thousands of hours developing, backtesting, and manually testing our JIN Trading System. The methodology, our custom indicators, and trade results works. It provides you high probability trades and a decision making framework that puts you on equal footing with the “Smart Money”. You can get tremendous results from your trading.

Significance of JIN Logo

The JIN Logo includes an Origami crane. In Japan, the crane is a mythical animal that represents good fortune and longevity. The Japanese refer to the crane as the “bird of happiness”. The wings of the crane were believed to carry souls up to paradise. The crane is a guide for our goals and dreams.  Read more about the healing power of the crane.  

JIN Trading System founders