Range trading and opening range trading with EARL



EARL auto generates Fibonacci retracements and extensions to provide day trading and swing trading targets.

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It is hard to find high probability setups – range trading or trend trading. Even more, it is challenging to predict price objectives for trades. Traders get in too early and stop out and get out too late and compromise profits. EARL is the solution to this problem. Like Genie, EARL is magic technical indicator. Price on most instruments, will move from one EARL level to another.  The underlying technique is a derivative of Fibonacci analysis. Fibonacci levels are popular with traders and algorithms because they can be programmed and applied to any timeframe. The great thing is, however; you don’t need to know a thing about Fibonacci to incorporate the power of the magic into your trading. EARL is the component of JIN Trading System that defines entries and exits. EARL can also be used to generate opening ranges.


  • Use EARL as part of JIN Trading System or stand alone
  • Auto generated Fibonacci retracement and extension levels based on the key ratios of 23.6%, 38.2% and 61.8%
  • Easily identifiable ranges support range trading
  • Flexible range definition; user-specified range, like opening range, premarket, entire trading day, yesterday High/Low
  • Integrated midpoints between levels which are often resting and retracement levels for instruments
  • Ability to set opening range on any instrument by specifying a timeframe
  • Integrated help

What’s Included

  • Software indicator and free software updates
  • Documentation
  • Access to Q&A knowledge base
  • Email support for 3 months


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