Genie, a market leading technical indicator, can definitely help make all your trading dreams.

GENIE Indicator


Get the Genie Indicator, get clarity and watch magic happen. Genie can definitely help make all your trading dreams come true getting you into the breakout part of the trend.

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Technical Analysis with Genie Technical Indicator

Of the hundreds of technical analysis studies and technical indicators available for traders, perhaps none is more widely used than the moving average. Moving averages allow quick and visual identification of trend direction. Algorithms and traders all use moving averages. This broad usage creates “herd” behavior and therefore great trade opportunities around the “herd” trend. Genie technical indicator will expose the trend and will almost always get you into the breakout and channel phases of trends. While moving averages don’t predict price direction as they are a lagging indicator, Genie, used as part of the JIN Trading System, will predict future price movement.


  • Use Genie as part of JIN Trading System or stand alone
  • Trade changes in direction of Genie technical indicator when momentum is strong
  • Identify and trade bounces off the Genie line as the trend resumes
  • Trade the breakouts and reversals and not the choppy ranges
  • Use Genie slope and change, the measures of momentum, to time entry and exit
  •  See direction changes and momentum with ease using visual, color coded histograms
  • Configure indicator to display either trend, slope or change values as lines or histograms
  • Configurable labels provide historical indicator values and keep you in trades longer
  • Use for day trading, swing trading or investing
  • Trade futures, stocks or forex
  • Integrated help

What’s Included

  • Software indicator and free software updates
  • Documentation
  • Access to Q&A knowledge base
  • Email support for 3 months


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