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The JIN indicator compliments and confirms the FLOW MTF indicator. Unlike FLOW, JIN uses an instrument’s breadth to measure and forecast future price direction.  JIN can be used for day or swing trading.

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Trend Analysis

The JIN trend indicator compliments and confirms the FLOW MTF indicator. Unlike FLOW MTF, JIN uses an instrument’s breadth and volume for trend analysis and forecasting future price direction. JIN is used for day or swing trading as well as for long term investing. Traders will notice that when timeframes are paired, JIN movements are stronger. If the daily and the 30m are going the same direction, one can expect higher highs and higher lows or lower lows and lower highs. If the timeframes are at odds, expect a choppy market with more risk to trading. JIN is the breadth based component of the JIN Trading System. It can be used standalone for trend analysis or as part of the the whole trading system.


  • Provides high probability trade setups with JIN direction changes or slope changes
  • Identifies the trend on any chart timeframe
  • Easily identifies ranges for range trading
  •  See direction changes and momentum with ease using visual, color coded histograms
  • Use JIN Slope and Change, the measures of momentum, to time entry and exit
  • Configure indicator to display either trend, slope or change values as lines or histograms
  • Configurable labels provide historical indicator values which help keep you in trades longer
  • Use for day trading, swing trading or investing to support your trend analysis

What is Included

  • Software indicator and free software updates
  • Documentation
  • Access to Q&A knowledge base
  • Email support for 3 months


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